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The human body and censorship have seemingly been at odds since the dawn of time. But that’s wrong information. It’s the FEMALE body that has become censorship’s favorite snack. Even more accurately, it is the subjective idea that CERTAIN parts of MOST female bodies are offensive to the sensibilities of the people en masse that feeds this Ghost of Social Conventions Past. BODIES ARE BODIES! Regardless of height, width, length, color, mass, or density; despite having blemishes, scars, dimples, folds, rolls, or hair.

And yet, the algorithm just can’t handle a nipple. But if there is nothing wrong with displaying the male body, then there is NOTHING wrong with displaying the female body.


They say that my breasts go against community guidelines; just a glimpse of my pubic hair gets reported. And not just because I’m female, but because my body is PERCEIVED as such. And because my body is read as female, it is intrinsically sexualized— JUST FOR BEING. To say that women’s bodies are “objectified” is a gross understatement. The flagrant sexualization of female nudity is a disease! And yet new generations of girls are still being rolled out with the impression that respect is earned by being demure, and that integrity is only for those who cover themselves. It is a farce.

Nudity is healthy, both physically and mentally, and it is NOT synonymous with pornography. They say the rules apply to keep EVERYONE “safe,” and yet those same rules only discriminate against SOME. Women like me are given the choice of either complying in the light, or being banned to the shadows.


But it’s women like me, in the shadows, who play with the loopholes…Like a good girl.

This is not about sex, this is about discrimination! This is about gender inequality in the eyes of the few who got to make the rules. This is about feeling safe in your own skin. This is about progress.

A nipple is a nipple, and bodies are bodies, and I’m here for it.

Project “Good Girl” is here for BODY FREEDOM.

Pass it on.


((supporting LGBTQIA+, BLM, women’s rights, body positivity, and sex positivity))

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This is Project “Good Girl.”

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